Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kansas City Southern, Baby!

The CSX tracks are right up in your face. This train was LOUD!

Papa says I don't have any "composition skills"
Eat that, Papa!

That's Benny and his Momma.

Dude, this is totally my eye. I had the camera turned around.

So, earlier in the day (Sunday, Sept. 2007) a train de-railed at the Webber Road crossing gate.
This is one of the Norfolk Southern trucks that was getting things fixed.

And keeping me from seeing trains!

Trains like THIS one!
This was on Tuesday. It's a Kansas City Yo Gabba Gabba'n Southern!
Just like out of my calendar!

I am learning how to wink.

Papa isn't

This is my wagon. It is cool.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So what. I post twice in a day after not posting for 4 weeks

Mama taking me to see trains
Mama and Papa should be more photogenic
Papa with Leopard. Do you know what sound Leopard makes? He doesn't make any sound, he's a toy.
Weber Road Crossing Gate. It is my Mecca, the Holiest of Holies, and some place that Christians venerate all rolled up into one.
Papa taking me to see trains
Me on the way back from Grandma Donna and Grandpa Ron's. Papa is going to make orange rice. I don't take pictures of orange rice, I eat it.

You guys should just feel lucky that I am posting what-so-ever.

More pics can be found here.

Get off my back!

My feet in the shnazzy orange sandals!
My bare feet!
Nazghul! (I am dark and riding, Baby!)

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I'm 4 for goodness sakes! I can't post all the time and Mama and Papa misplaced the camera for a while. Leave me alone

Friday, August 17, 2007


I know I am getting behind in my posting, but give me a break. I am only 4 after all. Sheesh!

This is Papa getting in the way of a perfectly good rail shot, and just what is going on with his legs? Get some sun, Papa!

Here is a Norfolk Southern... I think the lead unit is an ESD40DC Engine... going southbound at the Weber Rd crossing gate.

Here is another Norfolk Southern lead unit going northbound at the Weber Rd croissing gate. The trailing unit pictured is a Conrail!

This is a "No Outlet" sign. That means there isn't a way out so you have to turn around.

I have a few more pictures from this set seen here

Monday, August 13, 2007

My Best Friend

Last week, I got to spend some time with my best friend Ben. And oh yeah, it was amazing.

Here we are. I'm on the left. (That's your left, not mine.)

Of course, we had to have some hugs.

And Ben's so great, Papa had to get a hug as well.

With all this lovin', Papa and Ben's Mama just had to have a hug, too.

On the other hand, my father is in a clench with a woman who did not give birth to me - not sure how my mama's going to feel about this. For more pictures (and to find out if Papa survived), please go here.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mamas and Kids

Yesterday, we went to visit some of our friends. I under the threat of train removal gladly shared my camera with my friends and soon a bit of a theme emerged.


My Mama


(yes, they're twins, but actually quite easy to tell apart)


F, E, and A's Mama

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Friday, August 3, 2007

I like


and Locks!

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